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Personal Pensions and Annuity Solutions

Forward thinking, and in possession of considerable expertise and experience, we provide a wealth of insight when it comes to the often complex considerations of personal pension and annuity planning and administration. 

Whether an off-the-shelf solution or a full bespoke arrangement, our experienced team can design and implement a variety of offerings depending on your needs. We can provide many of these structures as either a trust or a contract based arrangement, an option which can be highly beneficial when considering the legal framework in the jurisdiction where you reside.

Administered from our offices in Malta and Guernsey, we offer:


  • QNUPs

  • Retirement Annuity Trusts

  • Personal Pension Plans for Guernsey residents




  • Personal Pension Plans for Malta residents

Given the evolution of many personal pension arrangements, we also provide private client trust services from multiple locations that can take over trusteeship of various forms of other non-regulated pension arrangements.

Annuity Solutions

Ours is a highly informed, quality approach, one that seeks to match all the options available in the market with the unique present and future requirements of our clients. 

We provide non-insured annuity solutions from our offices in Guernsey. Typically used as a decumulation vehicle from non-UK pension plans, our annuity solutions can provide retirees with the means of extracting pension assets in a tailor-made contract over a short term or for the remaining lifetime of the Member.

Unlike an insurance annuity which offers a guarantee to pay a pension income over your lifetime, non-insured annuities are written against the value of the assets, and will generally decrease over time while you receive an income. As a result, it could fully pay out before your death. If you die before receiving the total benefits, the residual value can be passed to your noted beneficiaries and not recalled by the annuity provider.

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